Thursday, November 6, 2014

20 month old Clara in the Fall

While Lucy was at preschool I took Clara outside for a little fall photo shoot today. Nevermind that she has a cold, and if I was a really spectacular mama I would have photo-shopped the crusties out from underneath her nose. Oh well! It just makes it more authentic.

Clara is very different than Lucy was at this age for the camera. Lucy loved to look right at the lens and smile. Clara likes to scrunch her little face up and squint at me. It makes for a more difficult photo-shoot, but I love capturing her cute, spunky personality. So, without further ado, a barrage of adorable Clara pictures:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lucy Rose turned 4!

True to form, our firstborn requested a princess party for her 4th birthday. We rounded up 6 of her little girl friends and invited them over for a fun-filled Saturday afternoon. The girls decorated princess crowns, whacked half-heartedly at a pinata (which Joel finally had to break. This was definitely not a little-boy party), ate cupcakes, enthusiastically helped Lucy open her presents, and played outside in the glorious 75 degree weather.

Lucy got a Belle dress for her birthday from Papa and Nana, which is now the new dress-up dress of choice.

A great majority of time was spent making "salad"

and racing down the slide

We can't believe you're 4, Lucy Rose! And we can't wait to see what this next year brings. Mom and dad love you to the moon and back.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lucy Rose

Joel and I occasionally look at each other, as I'm sure all parents do, and wonder what happened to our first baby.

When I catch her sitting quietly by herself, playing or coloring or flipping through books, it takes me by surprise. She's playing without me, and the older she gets, the less she's going to want/need to play with me.

She'll be four in less than two months, and somehow in the last year she has changed from a toddler to a little girl. I think it must have happened while we were sleeping. 

The other morning Joel and I walked past her bedroom before 7 (she has a clock in her room that tells her she can leave her room at 7 a.m.), and through the cracked door we could see her sitting on her bed, fully dressed for the day, looking at a comic book. She loves picking out her own outfits, getting her backpack packed for "school", trying on my jewelry and spritzing on my perfume. She enjoys making her bed, straightening up her bedroom, setting the table and dusting the house with me. 

I'm glad I still catch her giggly, childish moments, otherwise I might just dissolve into a sentimental wreck of a mom, subject to fits of nostalgia in which I grab her and beg her to stop growing, to stay my little baby forever. 

Lucy is starting preschool in the fall, just two days a week, and she is so excited to go that we talk about it daily. Today we even played school. She correctly recited a Scripture verse, and when I asked her to write her own name and write the word "cat" she did them both on her own, without needing my help. 

We love our not-so-little Lucy Rose!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Catching Up

Well we did end up buying the house back in May, and since then our lives have been a whirl of moving/house projects/a visit from the grandparents and much more. And since we're going to Santa Cruz on Thursday, I thought I should make a post before I get so behind that I just abandon the blog altogether.

Clara is a walking pro now.

She spends her days toddling around our house, loving on dollies and pushing them in strollers, and having many, many tea parties. 

She also has discovered books, and will walk up to me with a book in her hand, wait until I take it, then plop down in my lap and kick her feet impatiently until I start reading. 

Lucy seems to get bigger every day. Her baby face is slimming into a little girl face, which is one of the most bittersweet parts of life right now. I love the way she thinks through everything, and I love to hear her thoughts and ideas about the world. 

The other night I asked her to stop growing up, pretty please. She wrapped her little arms around my neck and whispered in my ear. "I'll always be your little girl. I'll always love you." Did that make me cry? Maybe a little. 

She is sweet and thoughtful and such a big help with her little sister. And one of her few faults is that she cannot do a genuine camera smile to save her life. 

Me: "Lucy, smile!" 

"Show me a pretty, princess face:"

"What do you love about summer most?" 

Lucy and Clara love their new house, especially the front and back yards. The previous owners did a great job of planting flowers that bloom consecutively: tulips and daisies, then lilacs, then irises, then wild roses and now peonies. 

I also found an herb garden in our side yard yesterday with mint, thyme and oregano. We are so grateful for our new home and the warm, summer days ahead of us. Many adventures are in store!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Clara's Birthday and Easter

Yikes I'm behind! Things have been busy over at the Cohen Casa. We're in the process of trying to buy a house (fingers crossed!), I took on a part time job for my alma mater helping update alumni information, and we're continuing to reconnect with friends and making new friends here in Moscow. Life is full and busy and blessed, and I'm so happy that winter is over!

On March 13th our little spunky Clara Beth turned 1. We had a small party for her with my parents, and we all wore party hats (I know I took a picture of that but I can't find it right now). Clara was thrilled when we sang her Happy Birthday, although she didn't eat that much of the cupcake.

She now stands up on her own and often takes one small step before falling over. She says "hi" all the time, and has recently added in "doggy" and "meow". Last week I noticed at the dinner table that when we say grace, Clara has started very purposefully folding her hands like the rest of us, and adds in an "MEN" at the end. All through church today she was saying amen as well. Very cute.

And of course, today is Easter. Here is our family photo, the girls are wearing these beautiful dresses that my mom sewed for them. Yesterday we did an Easter Egg hunt, and today we had friends over after church for an Easter feast, and right now I am eating my second slice of cake. I love holidays! 

The pastor of Trinity Church here in Moscow gave this wonderful homily on Good Friday about death, which is here

Happy Easter! He is risen!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Papa, Lucy and Clara

It's been over a month since I posted last, yikes! Time for some catch-up.

On February 13th my mom's dad: Kenneth Humphreys, whom we called Papa, went to glory. My sister posted these pictures of him on facebook which I love: one of him in the Airforce and the other holding his first great-grandson (David):

My parents and Joel and I and the kids all drove to Spokane for the funeral. Papa served during World War 2, Korea and Vietnam, and retired in Spokane, WA, so he received a military funeral complete with a gun salute, after which the soldiers folded the flag and handed it to my Gran. The service was beautiful and hard, and even though we cried that day it was still a wonderful celebration of his life and a looking-forward to the resurrection.

Since then we've just been watching the days fly by with two adorable, active girls. Joel is getting more and more settled at Digilent, and I am loving being plugged back into this community and my friends here. The girls have the most fun personalities, so I thought I'd share a video of each of them doing what they do best. 

Lucy loves having tea-parties in which she invites me over to her house (she stresses it's a grown-up party because we're both grown-ups), and then we just talk and eat pretend food. I secretly (or so I thought) taped one of them because I love the way Lucy talks during our parties. ALSO, in case you have trouble understanding her, if you click on the CC image on the video and select ON you will see the handy closed captions I transcribed. In order to do this I think you have to watch it on youtube's website. They don't always sync with the dialogue but I'm not a professional. 

And here is one of Clara nurturing a baby doll. Lucy never cared much for dolls, to this day she still way prefers being a mommy to her stuffed animals than to dolls. But Clara shows no partiality. She will hug and kiss anything that will lay still long enough for her to grab it. I found this cradle at goodwill and Clara has immediately adopted the new roll of mother to this doll, putting it to bed SO gently:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Clara Photo Shoot

I haven't taken as many pictures of Clara as I did of Lucy, so on Sunday I pulled out my Nikon and snapped some of her in her cute church dress. Both of our children have lovely bright blue eyes, and when the lighting is just right I can't resist capturing those baby blues. Plus, Clara makes some hilarious faces, and with the Nikon's speed I'm able to capture them better than when I use my phone.

I'd like to title this one: "Caught in the Act"

We can't believe she'll be 1 next month!